The Colorado chapter of the American Agri-Women was created in January 2010 to be a "Force For Truth In Agriculture". Colorado Agri-Women is a 501(c)3 organization made up of farmers, ranchers, industry personnel, educators and consumers all joined together to educate themselves and others on important agriculture related issues.

Members are allowed to have as much voice or as little voice on agriculture issues effecting farming and ranching as they choose. As members of the Colorado chapter, members are also part of the American Agri-Women. The strength of the American Agri-Women is they only take positions on issue there they agree, focusing efforts on the common ideas and values. You can find the American Agri-Women Position Statements at

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Feb. 3rd - Colorado Agri-Women Annual Meeting and Lasting Legacy Workshop

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  • Kerry Sales & Morgan Einspahr. Agri-Women who are marketing their products directly to consumers. Kerry Sayles and daughter, Morgan Einspahr will talk about their meat and whole grains retail operations.

  • Jennifer Stum owner/operator of CJ Milling. She founded the company when she saw the need for quality, affordable gluten-free flour, as well as, the need for a better marketing strategy for her familyís millet crop. Jennifer has made it a priority to educate others and broaden the human consumption market for the crop.

    CAW 2018 Marlene Kalcevic Perseverance Scholarship Application Form.

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    Colorado Agri-Women Officers

  • President - Becky Ravenkamp
  • Past President - Janell Reid
  • Vice President-Secretary- Jenna Pralle
  • Treasurer - Dianne Clark

    With any organization changing leadership helps renew vigor and excitement. Previous officers still hold CAW near to their hearts staying active by supporting and promoting the organization. New officers bring fresh ideas and interests to the group, making sure the group doesnít stagnate. The Colorado Agri-Women are lucky to have had great officers in previous years and have new officers this year.

    The new officer team has high expectations for the Colorado Agri-Women. As CAW sets off on a new year the enthusiasm and passion of the new officer team is sure to spark excitement in current members and draw in new members.

  • President - Becky Ravenkamp

  • Vice President/Secretary - Jenna Pralle

  • Treasurer - Dianne Clark

  • Past President - Janell Reid

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